How To Arrange The First Sugar Date And Make It Work

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If you just found out about this perfect world of dating, you'd probably want to know more about it. Here is some main advice about the dates but first, let’s talk about the whole sugar relationship. What is sugar daddy, what to expect from this, and what types of people feel good in such dating?

What is sugar dating?

Despite the feminism activity, the sugar movement is also growing. You might be wondering why. It’s easy: is such a relationship not about women’s power? Hmm, let’s see. So-called “babies” aren't doing anything that could belittle their honor and dignity. Moreover, there's a common opinion they respect themselves much more than other girls of basic relationships. This also applies to men.

Let’s state the sugar daddy meaning and what’s such a partnership about in general. Sugar daddy and his baby are just two people who want to get the way of the relationship they want. Thus, they should give what they can and take what they want. Most sugar couples are a man who gives money (daddy) and a young woman who gives her attention (baby).

When we say “attention,” we’re not trying to disguise it as having sex. No, really, most girls are just hanging out with attractive men, spending their money, and enjoying life. So, what do they give to daddies? They’re beautiful, charming and interesting, and men always want to see such a girl around.

Daddy can take her on a vacation or spend the evening in a good place. Maybe he can take her on a business trip to make colleges jealous and raise his status. Of course, usually, men are older than 40. And they obviously pick up girls under 30.

He’s rich and he can afford to spend money on girls. He also could be married. We can’t define typical sugar daddy as a millionaire, but he’s successful.

What does a baby get from this all? Money. And presents maybe. Also, she gets a beautiful life ticket because she enters the rich world with a daddy. They're girls who’d never start making such an amount of money another way. Most of them are students who must pay their loans, make a business, or just wanna live a better life. Sugar dating is an easy way to make some money.

Who can deal with sugar relationships?

Of course, not everybody can refuse basic romance, love adventures, and all this romantic stuff. Some people feel better when they don’t have any limits. Family and relationships can be a barrier for self-development and enjoying life on your own. Who says you must only enjoy doing things “right”? Don’t even listen to people who say what’s right for you. You only know that.

Now let’s see what people will definitely go into sugar dating and who’d probably fail it.

  1. You know exactly what you want. There has to be a detailed model of the relationship you want to have. So, when you meet what you’re looking for, you can recognize it.
  2. You’re not seeking love. No, really, if you’re “sick and tired” of love, maybe it’s just your sore spot, and you want it in your soul. Make sure you’re free of romantic thoughts; otherwise, sugar dating will disappoint you.
  3. You can give something. If you’re gonna be daddy, you need some extra thousands of dollars a month. For a baby, it’s even easier: tastes differ, just take care of your body, and you’ll find a daddy who likes you.

As you see, only a grown independent person can go into it. That’s how you can define sugar daddy. You can’t do it for fun or just because you need money. It’s a mix of friendship, partnership and, of course, romance. You have to remember there is no way to find a real relationship this way. Your partner will notice it, so you can’t fool him/her.

Who can be a sugar daddy?

We’ve already found out that he’s rich, self-confident, and attractive. Without the first one, he can’t afford babies. Without a second one, he can’t act right with them. And without a third… Well, you don’t have to be Brad Pitt, to be honest, but sugar babies are still young girls and they want to see someone around who dresses well, smells nice, and takes care of himself.

Yes, they believe man doesn’t have to look like a model or bodybuilder. But to be attractive to women, you just have to feel confident, and they’ll feel it back.

Who can be a sugar baby?

Here are also not such strict rules. If you want to be a baby, just find your daddy who’d love to pay money to spend some time with you. How to do that? There will be information below.

What do sugar daddies want? Yes, usually, you have to be pretty. That’s what they're looking for — your body and cute face. Even if they’re not going to have sex. Of course, each of them has his preferences, so you can’t get the attention of all of them.

Second, you don’t have to be shy. Having that cute shyness isn't about sugar daddy dating because it’s not a romantic relationship and he’s not going to deal with it. Speak confidently, set up your rules, and know your price.

Yes, you can’t be a baby if you don’t have your opinion and can’t say it. If you’re one of them, please, get married to a good rich guy and enjoy the marriage. Sugar pretty babies can get any man. But they just don’t want to belong to someone. Being free and young is what happiness means to them.

Can you be a baby if you’re 30 or more? Of course! Moreover, there aren't that many good looking 30-years-old girls, so you’ll have less competition and get an interesting daddy who’s looking not only for the body but for a mind as well. But still, don’t consider it as a chance to get married. It doesn’t work!

How to arrange a successful sugar date?

It’s not that hard to invite her, but you have to know many other things. Remember it’s not the usual date when you enter the door and tell her funny stories. If you already know about some of the list items here, just scroll down and read the next one. Though it’s better to read it all.

1. Pick up the right site

There's no need to make secret clubs of sugar dating or look for a girl in the bar. It’s not effective and quite long. How do you imagine it: you go on a date, she probably falls in love as usual, and then you say you want her to be a sugar baby? No, don’t complicate it so badly.

Sugar daddy websites are the best option to enter this world quickly. There are many videos and vlogs about how people do it. You just have to register, add some information about you, and start searching.

The best sugar platforms are in our reviews. We add only the trendy ones when daddies really find their babes every day. Before you register on any site, make sure you’ve read our review about it because sometimes platforms can be tricky.

2. Filter the girls

Everyone knows hir/her preferences, but follows yours too. Don’t go cheap and search only for girls you like. That’s not that case when you have to be content with little. No, you deserve better, and you can get everything you want. Don’t hesitate to filter girls even when you don't talk to any.

On the most popular dating sites, there are always many options for that. You can choose the appearance of a baby (body type, hair color, skin tone, etc.), her lifestyle, and tastes. Girls will do that all with males profiles, though they’re not that fastidious.

3. Text a few

Don’t stop on one girl, she won’t be enough. Act like it’s kinda job interviews. Who invites only one person for it? After you filter the girls you like, pick up about 10 of them and drop a line. Try to know some main things about her: what she’s doing for life, what she’s looking for, what treatment she expects to receive, what she’s gonna give you. Ask these questions to all of them.

Then decide who you want to know more about and take some phone numbers. You better FaceTime her because you have to make sure it was her pics on the profile. Here you can just talk on different basic topics. If you’re not sure if you want to take her on a date, just say “ok, I’ll see when I have time to meet, I’ll text you back.” Or when you’re sure she isn't your baby, be honest, and say you’re going to think about it.

4. Make sure you know what you want

Here's one of the main rules again: know what you want. Seriously, if you don’t have the concrete desires, you’ll never get it. It’s not just words or motivational speeches. First, you’ll meet a huge diversity on sugar daddy sites. You’ll have so many requests that you’ll definitely have to take time to think.

Then you have to be sure of a relationship you’re looking for. When you come on a date, you’ll have to set up your rules and decide if hers are good for you. Now, what are your rules? Do you wanna take her on a trip once a month? She’s not allowed to call you on a mobile phone? Do you wanna have sex with her or not?

5. Set up a date

As we mentioned earlier, don’t hurry up with the arranging dates. But when you find a girl you definitely like, inviting her is the easiest part. You’ll be talking on the phone or texting so just tell her you’d like to see her. If she agrees, you’ll have to think about the place and time.

Time is optional, according to your schedules. But places to meet are usually not very wide. If you’re married, it’s obvious you can’t take her to public places. At the same time, she can’t meet you in private places because of her security: she still doesn’t know you, and smart girls never meet guys from the Internet in places with no other people.

You can meet at late night in a public place, or in a daytime in a restaurant where there aren't many people at this period. Anyway, ask her if she has any ideas or decide himself.

6. Make a plan

Of course, before you go on the day, you have to know what topics to discuss. It’s not like a basic romantic date, so you just have to “be yourself,” and nothing more. No, there are many things to think about. Here are some questions:

  • What do you expect her to do?
  • What can you give her (besides money)?
  • How much money you can spend on her?
  • What characteristics she has to have?
  • What are the rules to be your sugar baby?

7. Get ready

The first thing you should do is to google her. When you have her phone number or last name, try to find her on Instagram, Facebook, all the messengers, etc. Social media speaks louder than words. It seems that girls should be aware of guys from the Internet, but in reality, men should be careful too.

Then you have to prepare for the date. Know what she wants and take a little present for her. Don’t make her fancy presents, but flowers would be a great idea. When you come without any presents, a girl can doubt you're a generous gentleman, so even if you’ll like her, she might not like you. Of course, she can refuse to date again.

8. Know more about her

A true gentleman doesn’t start talking about himself for an hour. Even if you have a partnership, she won’t agree to spend that much time on an annoying man. So first, get to know more about her. You’ll thank this review for this advice later because anything can happen when you don’t know who you're dating. Maybe she’s acting insane in public? Or have different opinions about sugar daddy definition? Or maybe she’s your wife’s mate acting to be a baby?

9. Tell more about you

When you come to date, relax and… be yourself! No, seriously, you don’t have to act like you’re a cool guy who can give her everything. If you’re here, she knows you want to spend some money. And if she’s an experienced baby, she’s gonna ask you some questions as well. Because you guys will have an arrangement, and you should know important things about yourselves before you start a sugar daddy lifestyle.

10. Feel free to be yourself

Remember it’s not a case when you have to show your best parts only. Be confident about who you're. Yes, she chooses a daddy too, and she can refuse but anyway, that’s what you’re looking for: you both have to feel good with each other. If she doesn’t, just find another one. It applies to your choice too, of course. Search as long as you see she’s your perfect baby. The sugar baby meaning is in your pleasure, not accepting what you have not.

That’s what every newcomer has to understand, both men and women: you do it to enjoy your life. Forget about all the stereotypes, society’s rules, and all that. Here's your life with your own rules! Just make sure you and your baby are good with it.

Common mistakes in sugar daddy dating

To sum up, here are some mistakes that most of the newly made daddies do:

  1. Make expensive gifts on a first date without even knowing her.
  2. Try to hide some expectations until you make an arrangement.
  3. Think he has to stop on one girl even if he doesn’t really like her.
  4. Wait until she tells him something instead of just asking.
  5. Expect her to come to his home on the first date.
  6. Think every sugar baby has to have sex with a daddy.
  7. Don’t ask anything important before the first date.
  8. Give her money after the first meeting.
  9. Use weird unpopular sites for searching babies.
  10. Look for her among mates, in bars, and in other public places.


That was pretty comprehensive about where to find a sugar sexy baby and what to do when you found her. Follow this advice, so you’ll never lose in this awesome partnership. Entering the sugar world of dating can be unclear and crazy at first sight, but when you go into it, don't hurry up. Feel like a real man and get yourself a hot young baby!