Older Women Dating Younger Men - Is It Healthy Relationships

An older woman who engages in a relationship with a younger man is termed a "cougar." Cougars can choose to have a happy, healthy relationship with a younger man. Is being a cougar a fad? Fad or not, women 40 plus, divorced, single or widowed are dating and marrying younger men. The American Association of Retired Persons conducted a survey in 2017 and found that 34 percent of women over the age of 40 date younger men. Out of the 3500 men and women surveyed, the study found that the main criticism from both sexes was the amount of baggage that someone in the same age group carried.

Are Older Women on the Prowl for Younger Men?

In an interview with a divorced women age 54, when asked if she would date a younger man, she responded that it had never crossed her mind, and if she did the extent of the age gap would make a difference. She commented on a recent episode at the gym, where a young man and his friend were working out and he recognized her as the mother of one of his friends, her daughter. He came over to the treadmill where she was working out and jokingly stated that he was going to tell her daughter that she was getting her young on. She commented that she works out all the time, not with the intent of attracting a younger man, but to stay healthy and fit. Julia Macmillan, founder of the dating site, stated in an article titled ‘Don’t Call us Cougar," in The Independent that she is against the title cougar. "What I really object to with the cougar word is that it is such a stereotype. It's the image the media love of the older predatory woman who 'eats' young prey." She goes on to say, "Women are looking more fabulous for longer and it's normal that guys should find older women attractive. It's always been the other way around, now things are changing!"

Cougar Fashion

The fashion of being mentally and physically healthy does not apply only to the older women. Women 40 plus are in the realm of looking and feeling healthy. A healthy cougar is a confident woman, capable of making choices that contribute to living a quality life. She is true to herself, cautious, yet open-minded, can have fun and does not sweat the small stuff.

Being a Healthy Cougar

According to Laura Lewis, Life Fit Expert on her website LauraLewis.com, dating a younger man is not for everyone, and the relationships tend not to last. However, she states, “There is something to be said about having a wonderful, connected, loving and long lasting relationship with your soul mate”. She says if a women is looking to have a relationship with a younger man, “then dating younger men is probably a very good thing….for your health (wink!) of course”!

Cougars are older women of renaissance nature, confident, smart, fit and independent. They look for a happy, healthy companionship without the concern for age.

Be a healthy cougar!